Guys that don't Hunter on private land go into the Green Swamp. I believe their proliferation of hunting has scared animals off to safety areas. I was told that twenty years ago, you could go into the Macneil Track and see herds of deer. We have been in there many... Read more →

The wildlife area we were in This is the nature area from outside the tree line which we call "Florvanic." Todd Standing has his secret area, so do we. Once you get into it, its miles of varied forest, swamp, and palmetto. A giant swamp is in the middle of... Read more →

Tim and Kevin very happy to find trail cam A We headed out yesterday on the first real cold day of the year in Florida to retrieve two Reconyx RC60 covert trail cams. We had deployed them in areas where we knew there was an abundance of wildlife. We were... Read more →

Action in the Skunk Ape Zone

I am now releasing the videos of the adventure Kevin and I went on to find the Skunk Ape. We actually did a pretty good job. You will see this with the release of more videos from Myakka River State Park. On This video....NOTE: This is the area directly behind... Read more →

Piebald pigs are fairly rare according to the hunting websites. The reason is they are easy to see and fall to predators. This is the second Piebald pig our Reconyx RC60 trail cams have photographed (that's right Phil Polling, the media card can hold 14,000 images). We did not get... Read more →

Hawks are hard to get close to. This guy was perched by a river while hunting. He clearly paid no attention to me as I walked right up to him. I got his photo just before he took off for a rat or something. He looks well fed, so he... Read more →

We set trail cam "Betta" up for 16 days as an exploritory deployment. We are trying to determine the extent of the wildlife in the area. That knowledge is crucial for Bigfoot research. The area was indeed abundent based on the photographs and the prospects are excellent for Bigfoot research.... Read more →