Trail Cams

Tim and Kevin very happy to find trail cam A We headed out yesterday on the first real cold day of the year in Florida to retrieve two Reconyx RC60 covert trail cams. We had deployed them in areas where we knew there was an abundance of wildlife. We were... Read more →

Just a note to let people know that Kevin and I have our trail cams located at awesome spots where there is an abundance of wildlife and natural resources. The Reconyx RC60 cameras we have are covert and hight tech. They are also very expensive ($500 a unit). The ones... Read more →

On two occasions I have had a doe walk right in front of the Reconyx RC60 game cam and then look direrctly into the camera. They seem to know its there. Other animals don't respond, pigs, coyotes and large deer pay it no attention. Does Bigfoot? You can see her... Read more →

We set trail cam "Betta" up for 16 days as an exploritory deployment. We are trying to determine the extent of the wildlife in the area. That knowledge is crucial for Bigfoot research. The area was indeed abundent based on the photographs and the prospects are excellent for Bigfoot research.... Read more →

The "Seminole Project" is now putting out high quality stealth images in a deep field setting. We have done the hard work to find locations that meet our criteria of vegetation, water and animal protein. We have found almost perfect areas with cover to hide the cams until a November... Read more →

Result of Bigfoot trail cam "A"

We are starting to put out the results of the Bigfoot trail cameras. This is all part of a long term project called the Seminole Project. The purpose of this is to deploy Reconyx RC60 trial cams in deep locations so they will remain stealth and take photos for months... Read more →

Possible Skunk Ape foot prints found in Florida

This time the prints were exactly were we wanted them, in front of the ReconyxRC60 trail cam. The area the camera had been placed in has been investigated by us for several months and many times we have found, and casted, prints in the area. Preliminary trial cam test in... Read more →