Trail Cam Images

Tim and Kevin very happy to find trail cam A We headed out yesterday on the first real cold day of the year in Florida to retrieve two Reconyx RC60 covert trail cams. We had deployed them in areas where we knew there was an abundance of wildlife. We were... Read more →

On two occasions I have had a doe walk right in front of the Reconyx RC60 game cam and then look direrctly into the camera. They seem to know its there. Other animals don't respond, pigs, coyotes and large deer pay it no attention. Does Bigfoot? You can see her... Read more →

Piebald pigs are fairly rare according to the hunting websites. The reason is they are easy to see and fall to predators. This is the second Piebald pig our Reconyx RC60 trail cams have photographed (that's right Phil Polling, the media card can hold 14,000 images). We did not get... Read more →

This is Kevin from one month ago as we put up the trail cam in the famous west track of the Green Swamp. This area is where the latest reports of Bigfoot have come in from hunters. That is why we were in there. The BFRO has an amazing data... Read more →