Team Members

This is a test of the new email posting feature with typepad. Kevin and his group had a great outing last April in which many people from all over the State of Florida turned out. We spent three days and two nights in the swamp and one of the highlights... Read more →

Kevin and Jason portaged their canoe to an area on the edge of the Green Swamp and made their way into an area nobody has ever been before. I'm telling you, these guys just don't make joke videos like other guys that try to work the swamp, they get after... Read more →

The wildlife area we were in This is the nature area from outside the tree line which we call "Florvanic." Todd Standing has his secret area, so do we. Once you get into it, its miles of varied forest, swamp, and palmetto. A giant swamp is in the middle of... Read more →

Kevin and Terri enjoying morning coffee with Tim This image was shot by Rob who is a professional photographer for a TV station. He was also on the camping trip to the Green Swamp. I cannot tell you how much fun we had, and how important it was for me... Read more →

Other Bigfoot techniques

With the Falcon Project being launched, its a good time to consider other types of research techniques. We have tried navigating waterways. It makes sense. If the Skunk Ape is considered migratory, he could be using rivers to travel along. Most structures I have found have been near rivers. In... Read more →

George's False Alarm with Skunk Ape

For a moment, George thought he captured a Bigfoot video on the Savannah at Myakka River State Park. He was willing to go deep into the complex looking for us. He did not know we were in a different sector. George is one cool dude going five miles deep alone.... Read more →

Kevin and Terry are back from the Gerogia Guidstones and the UFO/Bigfoot investigation

"The death of the old, and the birth of the new. The destruction of the human being in favor of the posthuman being. This is part of the mystic and alchemical significance of the so-called Technological Singularity." Kevin and Terry (she is the Florida assistant state director of MUFON) went... Read more →

George and Tim discuss recent Bigfoot news and the Melba Ketchum DNA study

I am willing to say what many people are afraid to say. Too many sacred cows in the Bigfoot world and I have no fear of stepping on toes. George heard the Ketchum interview on Coast to Coast radio the other night and I wanted to make him aware of... Read more →

Bigfoot Powerline theory

Bigfoot uses man made corridors such as powerlines, forest roads and horse trails to gain access and cover large amounts of ground. Forging through the thicket would not be an effective way to manage this. So Bigfoot takes advantage of what he finds just like many other animals do. There... Read more →