Seminole Project

Last May when I was deploying a trail cam, I saw something move fast right to left as if it were on a dolly. This is the same phenomena that Terri had in the Green Swamp a month earlier. This time I got it on film (Keep in mind I... Read more →

What is the nature of this Bigfoot thing we are hunting?

On this video I explore, on the cell phone, what I think of the nature of the Florida Skunk Ape. The area Kevin and I are in really sucks. It is thick and stinks. There is wildlife and water but hunting with your bare hands has got to get old.... Read more →

This is Kevin from one month ago as we put up the trail cam in the famous west track of the Green Swamp. This area is where the latest reports of Bigfoot have come in from hunters. That is why we were in there. The BFRO has an amazing data... Read more →

The "Seminole Project" is a deep field Bigfoot research project. We are deploying covert stealth cameras made by the Reconyx corporation which shoot thermal images at night without any infrared emission. They are completely silent and animals are unaware of its presence. The initial two cameras we are using are... Read more →

The "Seminole Project" is now putting out high quality stealth images in a deep field setting. We have done the hard work to find locations that meet our criteria of vegetation, water and animal protein. We have found almost perfect areas with cover to hide the cams until a November... Read more →