I do a video every year on Memorial day that pays tribute to the fallen. This year I am addressing a real issue of the lack of reason in the assault on President Trump. This attack is coming not from the Democrat party but the Deep State media. They now... Read more →

George and Tim discuss recent Bigfoot news and the Melba Ketchum DNA study

I am willing to say what many people are afraid to say. Too many sacred cows in the Bigfoot world and I have no fear of stepping on toes. George heard the Ketchum interview on Coast to Coast radio the other night and I wanted to make him aware of... Read more →

Musky Allen went to Las Vegas the other night and was shown a Bigfoot by Rick Dyer and others at an undisclosed location. Allen is a leading Bigfoot skeptic and is sort of an apostate, considering he was once an active Bigfoot researcher studying under the great Rene Dehinden, it... Read more →

Paranormal Bigfoot investigation

We had three groups working together using high-tech electronic gear. Interest ranged from Bigfoot to ghost and George had a very special area picked out for us. He said we would not be disappointed and we were not. On a wilderness track that comprises about 10% of the land in... Read more →

Epistemology, metaphysics and Bigfoot research

Systems of knowledge are creations of the human mind (in metaphysics, constraints, perhaps). Millenniums of philosophy, logic and science have paved a way for man to rise to heights unimaginable centuries ago. Branches of science, such as, zoology, botany, anthropology and so forth are constantly making discoveries and increasing our... Read more →