Operation Deep Skunk

6a016305799e8d970d017ee8762e67970d-800wiThe "Deep Skunk Project" is a deep field Bigfoot research project. We are deploying covert stealth cameras made by the Reconyx corporation which shoot thermal images at night without any infrared emission. They are completely silent and animals are unaware of its presence. The initial two cameras we are using are on loan from "The Olympic Project." We take the responsibility very seriously.
The initial results we are getting are encouraging. The abundance of wildlife various from area to area and these cameras have allowed us to focus our search in heavy animal areas. We have casted footprints and have a video sighting to show for our efforts. I am confident that a game cam capture is near. It is just a matter of time.
Deploying a camera in the Green Swamp of  Florida
We are also using high-tech sound equipment to aid us in our search. We have been able to detect animals from a distance and agian moved into these areas. We use a systematic logical approach.
Kevin Thomas Kehl with a parabolic mic listening for Bigfoot
George McGee with a boom mic he made with tin cans and string
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