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  1. Hey There, if you're looking for potential Florida Hotspot's still maybe look into Astor Florida. Preferably Billies Bay! Divine Love & Light unto you my friend.

  2. Hi. I'm looking for someone to go out researching with in the Tampa Area. Contact me

  3. Just a heads up that about 3 weeks ago, in the Little Manatee River State Park, I found 6 very obvious prints in the sand trackway in the equestrian parking lot in between the stable and where you park your car. It had recently rained. (I was looking for prints on purpose) could someone have been walking around barefoot? Yes. With 11 inch feet? Yes. With a 63 inch heel to heel gait? I highly doubt it. They were inline step as Well. On the right foot, in my pics, it appears the big toe isn't there, but it's consistent with reports. The mid Tarsel break is also seen quite clearly.


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