Myakka Skunk Ape

Action in the Skunk Ape Zone

I am now releasing the videos of the adventure Kevin and I went on to find the Skunk Ape. We actually did a pretty good job. You will see this with the release of more videos from Myakka River State Park. On This video....NOTE: This is the area directly behind... Read more →

BREAKING: SKUNK APE video taped in Myakka

A lady leaving Myakka State Park video taped what she thought was a bear. She had heard about the Bigfoot investigation and wondered if was the Bigfoot. There ARE NO BEAR in Myakka as one of the commentors points out. The park will verify that. This animal is walking on... Read more →

Moon Over Myakka - The search for Skunk Ape

This is a video that will give you a flavor of the type of night operations and primitive camping scene that is going on in Myakka River State Park. We are searching hard for the Florida Bigfoot and some things are going on down here. It is not just Tim... Read more →

In 2000, two photographs of an alleged ape, said to be the Skunk Ape, were taken anonymously and mailed to the Sarasota Sheriff's Department in Florida. They were accompanied by a letter from a woman claiming to have photographed it on the edge of her backyard. The photographer claimed that... Read more →

Myakka Bigfoot expedition this!

NOTE: This weekend will be part of Bigfoot history. About 30 researchers from at least six groups will be working together. That is rare in this field. Egos will be put aside for the purpose of research. You can follow the expediton here plus get exclusive content at This... Read more →

Have you ever had one of those days you will never forget? I have. I had an opportunity Saturday to work with a true professional in the field of Bigfoot - Stacy Brown of Florida - and it could not have been a better experience. He lead an outing into... Read more →