Myakka River State Park

The local BFRO has investigated a credible sighting near the Myakka River State Park (Report # 47021 (Class A) Submitted by witness on Monday, November 10, 2014). This map shows the location of the late night encounter. This eyewitness report is from the BFRO website: "Just after crossing over Horse... Read more →

New Bigfoot vlog uploads (check out this black racer snake!)

This is the first one of a series of YouTube videos on the historical trip to Myakka River State Parkkevin and I took to find Skunk Ape. What we found was a killing field unlike anything any Bigfoot researcher has ever found. Just more evidence to put on the pile... Read more →

BREAKING: SKUNK APE video taped in Myakka

A lady leaving Myakka State Park video taped what she thought was a bear. She had heard about the Bigfoot investigation and wondered if was the Bigfoot. There ARE NO BEAR in Myakka as one of the commentors points out. The park will verify that. This animal is walking on... Read more →

George's False Alarm with Skunk Ape

For a moment, George thought he captured a Bigfoot video on the Savannah at Myakka River State Park. He was willing to go deep into the complex looking for us. He did not know we were in a different sector. George is one cool dude going five miles deep alone.... Read more →