Ghost Investigations

Ghost investigation in an old Tampa cigar factory

This video is a bit from the live overnight broadcast produced by Enigmatic Anomalies. They leased a century old cigar factory that many say is haunted. They positioned thermal imaging and night optic equipment throughout the factory, from the basement to the attic. The entire operation was in 'lights-out' mode.... Read more →

Kevin Kehl posted this on his Facebook about the ghost investigation: Tim Fasano and Mike Diforti from Seekers Paranormal did an investigation of the old McNeil homestead and cemetery. While the jury is still out as to the nature of "orbs" (tests have proven inconclusive) I did find it interesting... Read more →

Paranormal Bigfoot investigation

We had three groups working together using high-tech electronic gear. Interest ranged from Bigfoot to ghost and George had a very special area picked out for us. He said we would not be disappointed and we were not. On a wilderness track that comprises about 10% of the land in... Read more →