This is a test of the new email posting feature with typepad. Kevin and his group had a great outing last April in which many people from all over the State of Florida turned out. We spent three days and two nights in the swamp and one of the highlights... Read more →

Kevin and Jason portaged their canoe to an area on the edge of the Green Swamp and made their way into an area nobody has ever been before. I'm telling you, these guys just don't make joke videos like other guys that try to work the swamp, they get after... Read more →

I have read many books by spcial forces military. A day or so before each mission, the troops recieve "warning orders" which tell them to make ready their equipment and meet at some rally point. Here are your warning orders: Dont for get to bring chargers for your cameras and... Read more →

I arrived with great expectation at the Green Swamp campsite for the last two years had yielded good evidence. The team has grown and there would be at least eight tents in location. We had a documentary company filming and Kevin and Mike were shooting for the Skunk Ape episode... Read more →

Kevin and Terri enjoying morning coffee with Tim This image was shot by Rob who is a professional photographer for a TV station. He was also on the camping trip to the Green Swamp. I cannot tell you how much fun we had, and how important it was for me... Read more →

Biscardi and Fasano work the Green Swamp of Florida

Saga Magazine 1973 (Editors Note: the official government version is there is no Bigfoot. I don't believe that. My team and I search the Green Swamp for the cryptid beast. We have also found evidence of REX 84 activity) I recently (2011) got the opportunity to work with Tom Biscardi... Read more →

Have you ever had one of those days you will never forget? I have. I had an opportunity Saturday to work with a true professional in the field of Bigfoot - Stacy Brown of Florida - and it could not have been a better experience. He lead an outing into... Read more →

Tim Fasano on live internet TV from Tampa

This video is a bit from the live overnight broadcast produced by Enigmatic Anomalies. They leased a century old cigar factory that many say is haunted. They positioned thermal imaging and night optic equipment throughout the factory, from the basement to the attic. The entire operation was in 'lights-out' mode.... Read more →