I have read many books by spcial forces military. A day or so before each mission, the troops recieve "warning orders" which tell them to make ready their equipment and meet at some rally point. Here are your warning orders: Dont for get to bring chargers for your cameras and... Read more →

I arrived with great expectation at the Green Swamp campsite for the last two years had yielded good evidence. The team has grown and there would be at least eight tents in location. We had a documentary company filming and Kevin and Mike were shooting for the Skunk Ape episode... Read more →

Kevin and Terri enjoying morning coffee with Tim This image was shot by Rob who is a professional photographer for a TV station. He was also on the camping trip to the Green Swamp. I cannot tell you how much fun we had, and how important it was for me... Read more →

Here is the evidence folks. Tim Fasano carrying firewood back to camp. Kevin was so impressed that he took photos of the historical event. We needed that firewood because it was going to be very cold that night and we also needed to cook food after a long night outing.... Read more →

You will be able to best follow our FloridaBigfoot Organization expedition. On the right sidebar there is a link to my Twitter feed were you will be updated live time in field with photos and text. The blog will also give you updates with text and video. This should go... Read more →