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Dr. Jeff Meldrum and Tim Fasano meet!!! The first thing I told him was the Sykes study was flawed. He totally agreed. He also agreed Sykes method of falsification was the opposite of the scientific method. He had on display some if mist impressive Sasquatch prints ever casted. Wow! This... Read more →

Matt Moneymaker works the Green Swamp when he is in Florida. There is a good reason for that. Everything a Bigfoot would need is in this area, as well as, access to a 1,200 mile trail that runs the length of the entire state taking it near cattle ranches and... Read more →

Musky Allen went to Las Vegas the other night and was shown a Bigfoot by Rick Dyer and others at an undisclosed location. Allen is a leading Bigfoot skeptic and is sort of an apostate, considering he was once an active Bigfoot researcher studying under the great Rene Dehinden, it... Read more →

Team Quantra has no Bigfoot even if the team still exist

EDITORS NOTE: Team Quantra may not even exist. Has anyone even seen them, or the Bigfoot Dixie body? They should be called out now, and so should MABRC for their shamless promotion of this. It should not be a wait and see; it should be a dig in and find... Read more →

Frank Cerabino of the Palm Beach Post is a serious journalist that does hard hitting articles about State and local politics. He has quite a following and his opinion is valued in the community. The man pulls no punches. He will take a slightly different turn Sunday and is doing... Read more →

This is Kevin using the parabolic mic on his video camera. We were at the Sasquatch sighting area and trying to determine if they were still around. We did find many interesting things. The Sasquatches (the original video shows two) were up to seven feet tall (used six foot three... Read more →

You will be able to best follow our FloridaBigfoot Organization expedition. On the right sidebar there is a link to my Twitter feed were you will be updated live time in field with photos and text. The blog will also give you updates with text and video. This should go... Read more →