Class B Sightings

I went to Colt Creek a couple weeks ago for a recon of a primitive campsite that Kevin and I want to get out to next November. This campsite is in an excellent position to gain access to the deep regions of the complex. Night is the time we are... Read more →

Action in the Skunk Ape Zone

I am now releasing the videos of the adventure Kevin and I went on to find the Skunk Ape. We actually did a pretty good job. You will see this with the release of more videos from Myakka River State Park. On This video....NOTE: This is the area directly behind... Read more →

Kevin talks to a Bigfoot habituator in North Florida

Kevin Thomas Kehl and others were in the Panhandle of Florida doing work on a "paranormal documentary." They were using professional cameras and not the home versions that most YouTubers' have (that explains the pro quality of the video). They came across a man who owns over 3,000 acres of... Read more →