Bigfoot Sighting Videos

We have had a prolonged drought in Florida. That is why I decided to go into one of the major watershed areas - the Booker Creek preserve . My theory is that the Skunk Apes would be on the move in search of water. I really would have no way... Read more →

Today I went out to the Dead River area just before a massive rainstorm hit. Up ahead, I thought I saw something moving and ducking in and out way in the distance. I was convinced it was possible Bigfoot. I got in my car just as thunder and lightening was... Read more →

BREAKING: SKUNK APE video taped in Myakka

A lady leaving Myakka State Park video taped what she thought was a bear. She had heard about the Bigfoot investigation and wondered if was the Bigfoot. There ARE NO BEAR in Myakka as one of the commentors points out. The park will verify that. This animal is walking on... Read more →

Did Tim Fasano capture a baby Bigfoot wih his new HD camera?

A Facebook poster on Shawn Evidence believes I captured a BABY BIGFOOT with my new HD camera. Wow! I was there but focused on the plastic pipe beyond it. The baby was in a tree and in front of the footprint field. In fact, this is where the Palmetto Monster... Read more →