Bigfoot Ontario

Where TimberGiantBigfoot "researches"

Timbergiantbigfoot "researches" in the Dundas Valley Conservation Area north of Ancaster. It's quite small and surrounded by open farmland to the west. To the east is the highly populated city of Hamilton.... Hardly the kind of place I'd expect to find a Bigfoot. It's far from remote wilderness. The photo below is between Wilson st and the Hermatige Gatehouse. Its called the Bruce trail and its used extensively by TimberGiantBigfoot. There are lots of recreational activities going on in the area and Timber edits out other people. It would show he is not deep wilderness.


A few images of "Big Black" and a message to TimberGiantBigfoot followers

I filmed today a Bigfoot in the Green Swamp. It was in HD and very dark and harry. I used the same techniques as Timber uses to fake his videos. I really feel sorry for you people who follow Jim. I hope nobody tries to swindel you because you would be an easy mark. The burden of proof is on Timber but you people give him a pass. Why?

Is he charming like all con men? Understand he claims to have video tape of a Sasquatch which ALL scientists would question. Why do you so readily believe? Use critical thinking. My being fat and a cab driver is not the issue. The issue is his claim of fantastic evidence. He must prove his position like the goal of all researchers. His goal seems to just be subs. If you want to follow this cult, fine. But use common sense. 

"Big Black" seems to have his back to the camera. A tactic used by TimberGiantBigfoot
"Big Black" is in good view with conacle head and dark fur with thick arms, wide back. I am holding the camera above my head and he must be at least seven feet tall
"Big Black" seems to be going deeper into the swamp brush. Like Timber never quite get the money shot. But Bigfoot will do what he wants and go where he wants.
"Big Black" has gone into the thick brush to never return again.

These video stills I posted are the same kind of stuff Timber, along with, Rex Dutton have been putting up for years. They show something in the brush just out of reach. The image is dark enough to not be able to indentify it but it has shape and form like a primate. You can pull these stills off the camera and post them in sequence or on a YouTube video. I could keep this pace up for years and never repeat myself. I don't.

That is because I am part of a team of Bigfoot guys that have integrity and honor. We do real research. But mark my words. With their skill in production (they work TV production), we could could put out hoaxes that would shock the world. Perhaps we should but we refuse too. That is why I take offense to this Timber guy.

We are using the trail cams that Derek Randall's loaned to us and we consider that an awesome responsibility. If we ever fail in Bigfoot that will be because we are actually trying to find evidence of Bigfoot.

We don't bring children with us and only go a few hundred feet from a parking lot and try to tell the world we just encountered a Bigfoot. Why a man would teach his kids to lie and be deceitful is beyond me. I have a blog now that will expose him for the fraud he is

Consider he has no Twitter, Facebook, blog, website, sky-pe, podcast or any form of social media. Do we even know if "Jim" is his real name? NOBODY in the Bigfoot community has his phone number and he is in contact with nobody. He always works alone, never camps or goes out at night using night optics, and never works with a team or anyone. The point of this is HE IS THE ONLY WITNESS TO WHAT HE IS DOING. Do you people not get that!

Ontario Bigfoot Habitation: is this Sasquatch?

The Ontario guys are at it again with the Habitation stuff. Notice you never see the guys face or anything else.

"4 consecutive visits has produced extremely rare audio from a habituation site in Ontario, Canada.

Sasquatch are a unique species that are on the brink of discovery. After decades of persistence in understanding, we've hardly gained a foothold into understanding their true disposition. 
Trust and a proper approach is helping produce some of the most incredible audio to ever be documented. 
We continue to work towards face to face contact and a hopefully a life long discovery. ."

A comment on Cryptomundo codified the doubts most people with an objective mind have about all of this.

"After watching/listening to the videos, one can’t help but wonder why they are still unable to produce a clear image of the allegedly “habituated” Sasquatch. This reportedly 8-foot-tall creature literally comes within feet of their tent to “weave” branches into the undergrowth (strangely enough, at the easy working-height of a human) and they can’t manage to get a game-cam picture, or a long-distance photo with a telescopic lens?

Obviously, these guys are using video cameras on a regular basis, as well as electronic sound-recording gear. Apparently Bigfoot, while comfortable enough to closely approach the tent, leave woven “gifts” and even call-out the guy’s (Mike’s) name, is also savvy enough to differentiate between an audio recorder and a video camera; vocally preening for the former and, seemingly, pathologically avoiding the latter. It just doesn’t jibe for me!

If legit, the alleged vocalizations, footprint casts and claimed level of interaction are impressive. However, acceptance that they have achieved that level of intimacy demands they produce a higher level of “proof.” A series of clear photos, several minutes of good-quality video and some verifiable physical evidence: scat, hairs, saliva, etc. – would go a long way toward substantiating their claims and garnering legitimate scientific interest.

To the guys at Sasquatch Ontario: if you can bring us this much, surely you can get us that “little more” that would seal the deal, right? Until then, all you have are various sounds in the dark, alleged footprint casts and some bent sticks…

C’mon guys, WOW me!.."