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Timbergiantbigfoot "researches" in the Dundas Valley Conservation Area north of Ancaster. It's quite small and surrounded by open farmland to the west. To the east is the highly populated city of Hamilton.... Hardly the kind of place I'd expect to find a Bigfoot. It's far from remote wilderness. The photo... Read more

I filmed today a Bigfoot in the Green Swamp. It was in HD and very dark and harry. I used the same techniques as Timber uses to fake his videos. I really feel sorry for you people who follow Jim. I hope nobody tries to swindel you because you would... Read more

TimberGiantBigfoot and a hoaxed video with his son

Phil Pouling of Team Tazer Bigfoot has questions about a timbergiantbigfoot video that seems to show Bigfoot moving behind a bush. The top of its head was visable and it was one of Jim's most favorite videos until he took it down. He took it down when people began to... Read more

Christopher Noel (who supported and authenticated the Rick Dyer Hank video) does a post on Cryptomundo that is not exactly getting rave reviews. The consensus among some rather astute observers is that this TimberGiantBigfoot video of "Big Red" is a hoax. It looks like the Bigfoot world is finally seeing... Read more

Largest Bigfoot trackway ever found in Florida

Tractor pull by Florida wildlife commission An area in the Green Swamp that we have been working for three years has yielded fantastic results. The Florida Wildlife and Game Commission will often drag line with a tractor to till earth for the purpose of recording animal prints. This way they... Read more