Bigfoot News

It seems the local TV stations received the same footprint photo that I got. The sender said the print was by the canoe launch at Lettuce Lake Park. I went there the next day to do an investigation. There was no doubt the photo had been taken in that area.... Read more →

Guys that don't Hunter on private land go into the Green Swamp. I believe their proliferation of hunting has scared animals off to safety areas. I was told that twenty years ago, you could go into the Macneil Track and see herds of deer. We have been in there many... Read more →

Last May when I was deploying a trail cam, I saw something move fast right to left as if it were on a dolly. This is the same phenomena that Terri had in the Green Swamp a month earlier. This time I got it on film (Keep in mind I... Read more →

Kevin and Terri enjoying morning coffee with Tim This image was shot by Rob who is a professional photographer for a TV station. He was also on the camping trip to the Green Swamp. I cannot tell you how much fun we had, and how important it was for me... Read more →

ING Direct's latest commercial via John St. Toronto: "Cheque-In. Believe It" features the Tooth Fairy, a mermaid, Minotaur, and of course Big Foot sitting around the office lunch room discussing cheque cashing. Pay attention as Mermaid explains to the venting Mr. Tooth Fairy that they can simply use the new... Read more →