Bigfoot History

Dr. Jeff Meldrum and Tim Fasano meet!!! The first thing I told him was the Sykes study was flawed. He totally agreed. He also agreed Sykes method of falsification was the opposite of the scientific method. He had on display some if mist impressive Sasquatch prints ever casted. Wow! This... Read more →

I just returned from the three day/two night Bigfoot expedition in the Green Swamp of central Florida. I am very tired but it was worth it for we had many things happen and its all on tape. There will be much mire and a full report coming up. Are those... Read more →

I recently had the pleasure of receiving the Tom Biscardi, John L. Johnsen DVD about the Patterson Film being a hoax. It was well researched and they even used Guy Edwards as a historical adviser. I thought the film was well done and did make an attempt to solve the... Read more →

Biscardi and Fasano work the Green Swamp of Florida

Saga Magazine 1973 (Editors Note: the official government version is there is no Bigfoot. I don't believe that. My team and I search the Green Swamp for the cryptid beast. We have also found evidence of REX 84 activity) I recently (2011) got the opportunity to work with Tom Biscardi... Read more →

In 2000, two photographs of an alleged ape, said to be the Skunk Ape, were taken anonymously and mailed to the Sarasota Sheriff's Department in Florida. They were accompanied by a letter from a woman claiming to have photographed it on the edge of her backyard. The photographer claimed that... Read more →

Myakka Bigfoot expedition this!

NOTE: This weekend will be part of Bigfoot history. About 30 researchers from at least six groups will be working together. That is rare in this field. Egos will be put aside for the purpose of research. You can follow the expediton here plus get exclusive content at This... Read more →

Musky Allen went to Las Vegas the other night and was shown a Bigfoot by Rick Dyer and others at an undisclosed location. Allen is a leading Bigfoot skeptic and is sort of an apostate, considering he was once an active Bigfoot researcher studying under the great Rene Dehinden, it... Read more →