Kevin and Jason portaged their canoe to an area on the edge of the Green Swamp and made their way into an area nobody has ever been before. I'm telling you, these guys just don't make joke videos like other guys that try to work the swamp, they get after... Read more →

I went to Colt Creek a couple weeks ago for a recon of a primitive campsite that Kevin and I want to get out to next November. This campsite is in an excellent position to gain access to the deep regions of the complex. Night is the time we are... Read more →

Today I went out to the Dead River area just before a massive rainstorm hit. Up ahead, I thought I saw something moving and ducking in and out way in the distance. I was convinced it was possible Bigfoot. I got in my car just as thunder and lightening was... Read more →

New Bigfoot vlog uploads (check out this black racer snake!)

This is the first one of a series of YouTube videos on the historical trip to Myakka River State Parkkevin and I took to find Skunk Ape. What we found was a killing field unlike anything any Bigfoot researcher has ever found. Just more evidence to put on the pile... Read more →

(Stacy and Matt walk up to the blind) We found evidence in Myakka of environmental impact being made by the skunk apes. During the investigation Saturday we found a structure that looks like a "squatch blind." It was near the wallow where animals have been gathering at night. The position... Read more →