Thursday, November 2, 2017

Robert Dodson and his Bigfoot in the bushes nonsense

This guy seems to see Bigfoot wherever he goes. He shows still photos of foliage and points to shadows and says they are Bigfoots. It gets even better. He actually knows how tall they are and by what rate they are growing each month. This is because he interacts with them and knows them on a personal level. I raise a critical eyebrow on this and would rather believe this is all a product of an overactive imagination trying to get subscribers on his site. Don't believe one word of it.

Notice these guys only show photos when all they do is run video. Makes you wonder.

I do believe Dodson on the fact that he went to a Bigfoot conference and heard nothing but Bullshit. That is what you get at Bigfoot conferences. Did he not know that?

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