Instagram video of Colt Creek
Kevin deploys trail cam in deep Green Swamp

Caves and Gator holes

Peace cave

George has really gotten into cave exploration. It is more than possible that cryptids take it underground, perhaps at night. We recently went to the Dames Cave Complex were the Peace cave is at. You can see how tight the entryway is to get into it. Once you get into these caves it is a little scary for they may go way deep into the earth. If you try to crawl and find your way, you may get lost and nobody will ever see you again.

It is recommended that you should never go caving alone. Safety sh0uld be your primary concern (same in hiking). I actually think the prospects for this are great. I would put a trail cam at the entry and leave it up all night, just to see if something goes in and out.

The gator hole may even be more dangerous. That could literally open up into the aquafer which is a tremendous cavern that is under all of Florida. This is where we get most of our drinking water.  You fall in there its over.


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