Skunk Ape Island Adventure
More John Rodriquez photos surface

Terri and Kevin got married

Kevin and Terri were married a few months ago at their beautiful home in Lakeland. They met a few years ago when Kevin went to a MUFON meeting. They are both into paranormal research and it seems to have been a perfect match. The ceremony and day was just perfect. I am happy for both of them. That is Terri's son Jason on the left, and Kevin's daughter Madison on the right. 

Jason, Terri, Kevin, and Madison..the wedding party


Kevin playing guitar at wedding
Kevin and the guys jamming before the wedding

 There are many projects coming up that will have the paranormal theme of Bigfoot and UFO. Believe me, some very exciting stuff.  All of us were busy this winter season but now we are ready to get back at it.


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