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Instagram video of Colt Creek

Bigfoot hunt at Booker Creek

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We have had a prolonged drought in Florida. That is why I decided to go into one of the major watershed areas - the Booker Creek preserve . My theory is that the Skunk Apes would be on the move in search of water. I really would have no way of proving that other than going in and seeing for myself.     

I was off trail looking for what I could find. I am always off trail because that is the only way you are going to find anything. I found what appeared to look like the classic X structure. This is believed to be either a territorial marker or a trail path finder. leading off this marker was a trail headed north. It was at this point that I saw something move. I aimed my camera but I think I aimed too low. I still think there is something there. Check it out for yourself.


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Jim Kennedy

Its amazing how rainy Florida can get, although it is very arid up until hurricane season. May is the time of fire particularly in central and south florida. It gets very dry in SW Fla for example.

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