Monday, October 3, 2016

The Monument Wallow video by Nathan Reo Utah Sasquatch

Opening shot from this historic video
Nathan Reo shot a video that has the most Bigfoot activity then anyone has ever captured. He no longer shows that video. The reason is that tech guys proved he hoaxed it. In the interest in Bigfoot research, I have posted it on my Facebook. People who have posted it on YouTube, Nathan had it removed. He no longer mentions this video, nor does he have it on his channel. Odd. If it has all that BF stuff going on, why would he not have it up?

You can find it at


  1. Great job calling out the hoaxers Tim!! Someone posted on BFE that Reo invited you out to his area to research?? True?
    100% right Tim, what is he hiding??

  2. He just did a video, where he wants all researchers to send him their evidence...Where's his evidence..LOL..
    You watch, he's going to get all these researchers on his site, then he will release the video he hoaxed again, and make all those researchers look like idiots & hoaxers as well because they joined up with a hoaxer!
    He has no proof, makes claims he saw THOUSANDS of prints = LIAR!

    1. Jerry ScarbroughMay 22, 2017 at 9:56 AM

      Aren't you just a little embarrassed by your astounding ignorance? Damn but you are a stupid ass! Have you watched anything of Reo's?



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