Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Is Mark Zaskey really finding Bigfoot in Florida?

Mark Zaskey makes extraordinary claims about dens of Bigfoot in Florida. Watch video


I am new to Mark Zaskey but the videos I have seen are full of him talking nonstop and zooming in on light and shadow in the bushes and telling us that its Bigfoot. I was waiting for his video to get moving, like heading into the woods. But all he does is just talk about what they found. I would like to see the live shots. Maybe they exist and I've just not found them yet.

His claims are not supported by anything
Forget about his over use of ads on his videos; forget about his disabling all ratings and comments; forget about disabling of embedding; he needs to back up this claim about area 4E (???). If he can't, he is a joke. I really won't say he's a hoaxer because I'm not really sure just what he's hoaxing. Perhaps its just like Mountain Monsters and he is just doing what the TV shows are doing.

That means we have moved into a new ethical era where all about ratings and hits. Just like the Clintons ethics....its all about what you can get away with and how you sell it. Simple.

Guys like Zaskey make Tom Biscardi and Rick Dyer look good.


  1. He's legit Tim, he just needs a way better camera. He went private, and charges $9.99/month, to view his blurry pics.

    1. I got an email from Mark Zaskey saying he is suing me for slander because I raise an eyebrow about his tactics and finds.

    2. LOL....I would counter sue for wasting your time with blurry pics!

  2. Zaskey has the WORST hype-to-evidence ratio in all of Bigfootery! He exhibits extreme arrogance and low quality pareidolia. His subscribers are chumps.



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