Monday, June 13, 2016

Utah Sasquatch Nathan Reo on The Road To Zion

Did Nathen encounter spiritual beings?
Nathan Reo started doing Bigfoot videos 5 months ago (that is not very long) and he was already finding an abundance of evidence. Nobody had ever seen anything like this. His videos were beautifully shot in the mountains of Utah which has the most heroic scenery in the United States. He was growing an audience of almost cult followers who were being pulled in by his charm, boyish good looks, wide smile, and Mormon wholesomeness. He founded a Mormon outreach program for youth. He had his beautiful golden retriever with him that ran in and out of the bushes, soo cute. What was not to like about this guy?!!

All that glitters is not gold

I wish I looked like this guy
It seems Nathan's Bigfoot world blew up in his face after stunning revelations of audio manipulation and misrepresentation of his true skills.

Nathan posted a video that purported to show he was flanked by three Bigfoot. You never see them in the video but you CLEARLY hear them. Their calls are loud but that is not what disturbed me. They sounded like young guys in their twenties. Had he simply walked up on a group of backpackers who were just saying hi? Where these stooges in the woods in on the goof? That's not what he claimed in the video. He claimed it was Sasquatch and he could see it. This claim would be challenged.

A poster on Reddit said he analyzed the videos audio and the critical sequence had been layered during the editing process. If this is true, he is a fraud. When all this was breaking, Reo removed all of his videos from YouTube and shifted his operation over to FaceBook where he posted a video explaining that he never manipulated the audio, only raised the volume. What he did do was confirm that during the critical sequence, the Reddit poster was right...something was played with.

Nathen's resume
His professional resume on Linkedin says he is a professional film maker and photographer with skills in audio. He claimed in the video "Bread Crumbs" that he sucked at such stuff.

I wonder is any of this will matter. After all, Nathen is seen as a messiah, a modern day Brigham Young leading us into the wilderness to find Zion. His mission fits perfectly into the Mythos of LDS
and issues of faith. To be a Mormon you must believe that Joseph Smith went into the woods in upstate New York and received the golden tablets from the angel Moroni. If you do not believe this, you cannot be a Mormon. With Nathen, he makes it easy, just believe in him and his mission. That's all. You will be sanctified for doing so.

For Bigfoot researchers, faith does not apply. Nathan either had an encounter with three Sasquatch's or he did not. The faith of his followers is strong. Nathanism should stand or fall on this claim, but only if you use critical thinking.

To his followers, he is now a prophet. He has reached out and touched the face of Bigfoot and they will never believe otherwise.  He has lead them to Zion on a mountain top in Utah. He, and they, will reign in glory. The faithful have found salvation.


  1. I don't understand you, first you condemn him, then you take that video down and put two up backing him, and now you put this up, which sounds as if you are condemning him again. Nothing about his religion should be held against him. And as far as what he put on Linkeden, he does not claim to be expert at audio. When he had his business that shot weddings and commercials, etc, he could easily have hired the editing and audio work done if it needed to be. He says he has always sucked at it and also hates editing. I can understand that and don't blame him. Reo's one mistake was that he was naive in believing that the bigfoot community would accept him. He has been making bigfoot videos longer than five months, he just did not upload them to youtube before that time. Before that he felt he was just filming for the benefit of family and friends. Shame on Reo for wanting to give us the same experience that he had had out in the wild. Shame on him for stacking the audio so that we could hear what he heard !!!! One of the biggest regrets that I hear from bigfoot investigators is that their equipment won't pick up the sounds that they are hearing loud enough for us to have even an experience that would be even close to what the investigator was experiencing. I'm glad that Nathan stumbled on a way to enhance the audio. He did not import sounds from somewhere else. That would be true fraud. What Reo did was not wrong. You know, the bible warns us to avoid the 'appearance' of evil. Now I understand why God cautions us about that, because if something smells bad, people are going to take it and run with it and jump to all sorts of conclusions about the person, his motivation and about whether he did something wrong or if it just looks that way. Make up your mind Tim, either you understand that Reo had nothing but the best intentions and should be given the benefit of the doubt and that he did not hoax us, or you think he is an out and out hoaxer. I have always respected you and so I'm asking you what your purpose was in making this presentation.

    1. Vicky, it's called jealousy, it's when insecure people work hard at something for years, and some new kid comes along and in a matter of a few months far eclipses everything you've done for all that time. It has to hurt, and this is just the product of it. Nobody can see Sasquatch except big bad Tim, LOL

    2. Tim is fighting with his demons, who knows what he'll finally believe.

  2. Tim, I think your critical thinking is in critical condition. Reo did not change anything in the audio, he only wanted to bring it out so we could hear it more clearly, he didn't change any of the content, how is that hoaxing?

  3. Tim, apparently you're a bit of a 'name' in so-called 'Bigfoot circles'...whatever that clique is meant to be; but you basically come across as a sanctimonious knob in this article. 50 years and all these so called 'experts' with 'experience' like you haven't progressed the thinking on this except now the animal is a physic teleporting shape shifter.

    Reo has at last moved on the intellectual and logical framework for the possibility of these animals to exist and survive in the 20th century. He's done more the legitimise and give the topic back some credibility in 20 videos than you have or any other cynics and all their 'plaster casts' and blobsquatch images have in all that time... He's not following bigfoot expert protocols apparently so what do you do? Try to cut him down to size a bit.

    The irony is, the so many 'bigfoot experts' decry how society doesn't have a more open mind on bigfoot and the evidence - but you exhibit the very same close mindedness yourself when a new approach comes along. Quite a pity.

  4. Sour grapes, Tim? What the hell does his religion have to do with anything, you bigot?

    1. What's with the tie Lib Boy? Another Lib Fascist playing the Race Card? LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER!

  5. I don't understand all the praise of Reo. There is nothing in his videos that prove anything. In one video, he is behind a Walmart claiming a Bigfoot lives among the homeless. Really?



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