Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Nathan Reo Garn Monument Wallow video

Two dogs coming out of the hunters blind
There are many things that are wrong with the Monument Wallow video that was shot in the high mountains of Utah...Basically all of it!

(note the two dogs and for the rest of "movie" he is reacting only to one dog. This makes it possible that this was not shot in one take. Also note the tampering with nature by leaving a human signature on the baby raccoons. Their mother will probably now reject the one Nathan touched. Good job guy.

Tampering with nature. Not cool
Let me highlight some of them. It is impossible for anyone to find in one hour plus video more evidence than all the Bigfoot researchers who have ever lived combined. This man is making a mockery of what BF research is about.

Does this even seem possible to you

0:28 stick structure
0:32 three hoots
1:08 three hoots
3:57 something is approaching
4:08 stick structure
4:24 stick structure map
5:24 ruffed grouse
5:32 stomp
5:35 hoot
5:39 two cries
5:59 three hoots
6:03 tree structure
6:20 primitive tree carvings
6:55 stick structure map
7:26 marker
7:56 footprints
12:03 stick structure
15:23 stick structure
15:40 stick structure
16:10 stick structure
16:18 tree lean
16:46 stick structure
18:12 two dogs
18:25 wild baby animals
19:20 he heard loud woodknock
20:36 back to only one dog
21:25 stick structure
21:34 hoot
21:48 stick structure
22:26 stick structure
22:31 stick structure
22:43 wood knock
22:48 stick structure
22:57 wood knock
23:17 wood knock
23:32 chirp
23:36 stick structure
23:46 noise or bark?
23:47 giant stick fence in circle
24:29 stick structure
25:10 nibble on logs
27:50 stick structure
28:19 voice + wood knocks
28:42 whoops
29:13 woofs
29:17 snort
29:33 wood knock
29:34 snort
29:39 wood knock
29:48 yelp
29:55 yelp
30:08 voice (hooaa?)
30:21 voice (hooaa?)
30:52 high whoop
30:56 high winnie
31:16 whoop
31:20 bird sound
31:22 bird sound
31:24 whoop
31:27 wood knock
31:44 voice (ooh?)
32:10 wood knock
32:19 footprint
32:27 two woodknocks
32:51 woodknock
33:06 two woodknocks
33:20 woodknock
33:22 voice (aah?)
33:23 two woodknocks
35:09 voice (hooaa?)
35:10 woodknock
35:14 two woodknocks
35:50 stick structure
36:03 stone clack
36:08 high whoop
36:11 high whoop
36:39 two woodknocks
36:43 woodknock
36:44 stick fence
37:22 high cry
37:34 two huffs
37:43 footprint
38:02 huff
38:22 cry
39:07 whoop
40:01 woodknock
42:06 footprint
42:54 whoop
43:28 jibbering?
45:55 footprint
47:50 one guy + one dog
1:02:24 rock thrown
1:02:35 trackway
1:08:58 both of my dogs have run off
1:09:02 tree break
1:09:22 tree lean
1:09:28 ruffed grouse
1:10:34 back to just one dog
1:11:12 tree shoved into ground
1:12:28 trackway
1:13:23 two hoots
1:14:03 three hoots
1:14:20 small sasquatch
1:21:04 marker
1:21:26 wood structure
1:21:45 something thrown
1:22:11 vocal or voice
1:22:15 vocal or voice
1:22:27 marker
1:22:39 marker
1:23:03 markers
1:23:42 tree leans


  1. I always liked and followed you tim, but you just lost me. Reo is the real deal. You guys keep micking him and its gonna be your downfall. Good luck to you

  2. His videos don't seem real at all. I don't really understand all the hype over this man.

  3. I felt the same way until very recently. Sadly, I am now convinced Nathan Reo Garn is an attention-hogging phony and talented hoaxer.

    1. Glad to see you are a man who can use critical judgment on a very suspect individual.

    2. Tim I watched the video just recently where you said that Reo's videos are the real deal? Just curious what happened that changed your mind? Your audio tech friend from hsn said there was no issue with the audio eithe.. Thanks for your time.

  4. Most videos on YouTube are edited to one extent or the other. Sounds can be difficult to pick-up especially the farther away from the camera. You and all the naysayers probably never edit your videos or try to highlight or enhance anything on your videos in an effort to help the viewer, right? Nathan continually states he could and probably is wrong about things, which is refreshing. It's sad to hear other badmouthing of Reo come from the BF community. I like Reo's enthusiasm and all lot of what he says ring true to me and many others. Try cutting him some slack, OK?

    1. Maybe a person could invest in better camera and audio equipment instead of adding sound to the video just because the person thinks that particular point in the video needs to have sound when it wasn't there in the unedited, original version.

  5. If you highlight or enhance your videos, then please mention this editing when you post your videos. Otherwise, it seems as though you're trying to influence my personal judgement of what I am seeing or hearing. I do not need any assistance in forming my own opinions. Most of the viewing public are fed up with manipulation editing.



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