Saturday, June 25, 2016

Nathan Reo reveals the Bigfoot

Shout it from the mountain top
Nathan Reo of Utah Sasquatch fame may well be on his way to finding the Bigfoot. After all, he did fake an audio on a video he has yanked off of YouTube. He says he will put it back up but I think that will be after he cuts the incriminating stuff. Anyway, he has charisma and is delivering something the BFRO has never given us - a possibility of a Bigfoot encounter. He will hoax it but his followers do not care.

Get out the credit card folks. To join the inner sanctum it will cost you. That will be on his closed Facebook group and you have to contribute money to him or you cannot join. Rick Dyer dressed like a Mormon hipster if you ask me.


  1. You could not find a more genuine and sincere person than Nathan Reo. His motive has nothing to do with seeking fame or attention, rather a desire to share his growing experience with other like minded people who share and respect this extremely intelligent and maddeningly elusive relative of mankind. So much we don't know, but surely this creature needs/ deserves protection respect and acknowledgement of existence to continue thriving
    among us.



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