Saturday, May 28, 2016

Carolann Solomon has passed away

Video still I shot of her in 2010
It deeply saddens me to hear that Carolann Solomon has passed away. This must be devastating to her family and loved ones, and the people that cared deeply for her. She was well known in the Bigfoot world as "Cryptoseeker" where she was a rare breed.

In this age of social media and shifting ethics, Carolann was a person of high moral character and integrity. Her only mission was to find the truth to an age old mystery. She was not interested in fame. She was not a self She only wanted evidence and was willing to explore for years without finding anything. She abhorred hoaxers, cheats, con men, and was willing to expose them. Sadly, the paranormal field is contaminated with charlatans who now have internet access, and think they are going to be the next best thing.

I'm convinced that our lives will be viewed by how we conduct our affairs. The arc of history is on the side of good. Carolann was the good. The frauds will not last long. Not like Cryptoseeker who carried on for decades. Her noble essence fueled her desire to do things the right way. Regrettably, a very good person has moved on into eternity. If there is a Bigfoot on the other side, Carolann now has a head start on the rest of us.

May God always be with you

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