Saturday, May 21, 2016

Matt Moneymaker caims Tyler Bounds hit a Bigfoot in a rental SUV

An incredible claim to say the least
This is an extraordinary claim that Tyler Bounds not only was within a few feet of a giant Sasquatch but that he hit it with a car. What are the odds that a member of a production crew of a show called "Finding Bigfoot" would hit a Bigfoot in a car. This incident happened on a back road in Virginia at night. What is more likely is that he damaged the car and claimed it was a Bigfoot. I wonder what the rental agency thought of his claim.

Matt Moneymaker supports Bounds claim. That's what gets me with these people, they are given a pass by the dumbass Bigfoot community. Where is his proof? If I damaged one of my companies vehicles and told them it was Bigfoot, they would have me drug tested.

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