Saturday, February 7, 2015

Florida BFRO has. not debunked Skunk Ape videos from Lettuce Lake

The skunk ape does go into the water in search of food
I read what Ms. Monteith said about the individuals involved in filming the Skunk Ape Video. It was full of pejoratives and personal attacks on the character of the individuals. She even accused them of pulling another hoax without real evidence. It was all supposition. This is wrong for it does not address the issue and the content of the video. I am very familiar with this tactic.

Ever since I got involved with Bigfoot, I have been under personal attack. They don't go after my videos for their content. They want to attack me as a person. They have gone so far as to pay money to run NCIC criminal background investigations on me, and contacted my ex-wife. What is wrong with these people? What does any of this have to do with the images I capture on video? The Florida BFRO would not even let me go to the Town Hall meeting they had in Sarasota. I guess they thought I would upstage them and everyone there would want to go out in the field with me.

A clue about this video is that when it was downloaded on Matt's computer, it was named "Bear in the Park." He even stated they asked a park ranger if there were bears in the park. At least this part is consistent. The Florida BFRO did not tell you that.

The original file can be seen below. It is called Bear in the Park

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