Myakka River State Park Bigfoot hunt
Bigfoot at Lettuce Lake Park

What I found in Myakka State Park Sunday


Tim Fasano
Me at the tower in Myakka River State Park

First, its underwater. Forget about doing any real research to get back into the desirable areas. I think it will be very difficult for Finding Bigfoot to do much in this area because of all the rain we have had.

Unnamed (1)
The Savannah at Myakka River State Park

I went to where the sky-walk tower is at. There was a reported sighting by a nature photographer a few years ago by the tower. It is very close to the Myakka River, so I tried to hike over to it. It was impossible. the standing water and mosquito's where more then I had in me to try and conquer. It did look like something had been moving around in the area. 

The Savannah where the Skunk Ape video was filmed was even worse. The saw grass is very high and full of water and snakes. You can see on one video I took just how bad the bugs are. 

I found out this is a known wildlife observation area. I could see people pulling off the road and running to the EXACT SPOT where Mike took the video in 20113. What was there were two deer. This make me think that the activity Mike recorded with the people and their cameras is a daily occurrence in the park. It is more then possible that there was no Skunk Ape that day. 

It is a beautiful park and I think enough evidence to suggest something is in the park. We just need more research then a camp-out once a year. 


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