Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Skunk Ape image from Lettuce Lake Park Tampa, Florida

I live in Tampa and have been to this park many times. It is full of wildlife and is a favorite with photographers. I have never thought of it in terms of Bigfoot because it is in NE Tampa, but on the outskirts.

Apparently, the Skunk Ape lives here. A video shows the Bigfoot has a tail!!

A video has surfaced from the same person that sent me the photos of the footprints taken at the canoe launch at Lettuce Lake Park in Tampa. I will email him back and see if he has any other video or photos he can share.

A great vantage point from there
You can see it overlooks the swamp on the Hillsborough River
You will see there is an observation tower at Lettuce Lake Park near the swamp area where the Skunk Ape was video taped. I will be there tomorrow to do a full day long investigation. I will be posting photos live time on this blog and the TimFasano.com blog, as well.

This is getting exciting because the thing was taken in the open in daylight. I was in there this morning for only an hour but had no idea of this recent development. I will put my scepticism aside and get in there to do a full investigation

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