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Myakka River State Park Bigfoot hunt

The Bigfoot footprint makes the local Tampa news

Safe_imageIt seems the local TV stations received the same footprint photo that I got. The sender said the print was by the canoe launch at Lettuce Lake Park. I went there the next day to do an investigation. There was no doubt the photo had been taken in that area. The leaf litter from the cypress trees matched. I did not find any prints, so I went over to the tower and got some awesome landscape shots. Overall a relaxing nice day.

Local ABC action news did a story on it. They examined the original file (which I have). They said it was taken with an Iphone. They, however, believe the print to be fake. All of this with a phone call investigation. Hum? Researchers for years know to do a boots on the ground investigation. That is what Steve Kulls preaches. 

Florida Bigfoot footprint
The original file sent to me

I went there and know for a fact this is where the print photo was taken. It was also the widest part of the Hillsborough River, and the deepest. The photo taken by the 66 year old fisherman may have been fake but I really don't think this image was. I could find out who took it. The TV station did not say that the person who sent it to me got it from someone else. 


Anyway, the impression was very deep in the ground and I hardly sunk in with a heavly rooted ground underneath. I lean real hard for this is an authentic print. 


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