Thursday, January 22, 2015

Florida BFRO upset about attention I got for their Bigfoot wanted poster

This was  put up in the Green Swamp of central Florida
NOTE: If the Florida BFRO did the kind of work at the pace I do, they would have been profiled in the Blaze backpacking magazine. Too people who have been with me in the field, they know how tirelessly I work.

BFRO researcher David Bakara put a Bigfoot Wanted sign up in the Green Swamp. A backpack mag found the sign and did an article about Tim Fasano. The Florida BFRO did not like that, thinking THEIR researcher was not interviewed. WTF! The article shows I have a real BF video that I showed at conference. They have never contacted me about this important sighting. Why? This is pure politics. They called me a "colorful operator." How should I take that? So far they have not excepted my RSVP to be at the FINDING BIGFOOT town hall meeting. Its like I told Steve Kulls and Henry B. May IVon the radio show, I am being overlooked for political reasons and that started early in my research..2009. If you go to my I have more evidence then any researcher in the history of Bigfoot. That is simply a fact.

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