Thursday, January 8, 2015

Derek Randles will be Keynote speaker at the Florida Skunk Ape conference in March

Derek Randles of the Olympic Project will be a key speaker at the Florida Skunk Ape Conference the spring. The event is produced by Stacy Brown Jr of the Sasquatch Hunters.

Following on the success of the first conference last September, Stacy has wasted no time in putting together a first class field of experts on Bigfoot to headline this event.

Unlike most Bigfoot conventions, this one will be a camping event for those that want to go outdoors and get a feel for what real Sasquatch research is all about. I'm going. I would not miss this for the world.

I have a couple of cameras on loan from Derek. We have used them with great success in the wilds of Florida. We have documented every animal you can think of except the Skunk Ape. There are some images of interest. Some mysterious ones, such as something covering the lens and what may have made others fire. But no real one yet. I do agree with Derek that it is at least a five year project even when you have at least 30 cameras. We only have two. Others are on our Christmas list.

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