Breakfast on a cold morning
Hunting days in the Green Swamp

The Old Fort King Trail

I moved it to the Fort King Trail which leads into the restoration area of Hillsborough River State Park. It was at and muddy and I did not have my boots on.

You can see the standing water on the forest road. Its December and I thought we were done with this.

You can see the grey overcast skies like it was the north. Anyway, it was °61 which was wonderful.

Some of the fall foliage I found out there. We do get some color in Florida. Most if are plants are evergreen.

This sign explained why controled burns are necessary for pine forest. I'm not so sure. Trees did just fine untilman came along.
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I did run into a couple hikers who were camping at HRSP and said merry Christmas. It was Christmas morning.


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