Wednesday, December 3, 2014

At the Sasquatch sighting location

Kevin, it seems we were at the same Bigfoot sighting location that R. Monteith investigated for the Florida BFRO. There were an insane amount of game trails leading into this choke point. I do bbelieve that our trail cam deployments should focus on this area. Way back off trail where the BFRO dare not go.

A clear trail into the brush.

So much action a Doubleshot trail going on. Folks there were at least a dozen game trails coming in here and Kevin and I saw a large deer pass.

On a personal front. R. Monteith removed my comment on the video below when all I said was I had a short video clip of a Bigfoot and she was invited to view the original file. It seems she was more interested in following a political agenda then finding the truth. I am viewed Saba threat to them. I should be. Over 2 million views on YouTube with thousands of subscribers and this blog has over a quarter of a million views. Somebody is watching me.

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