Bigfoot print in an old growth forest
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An amazing discovery in the swamps

Tim Fasano
Tim Fasano at the hunting camp

Kevin, and the team, have made a discovery of an old hunting lodge in the swamps. The cabin is old, perhaps circa 1970's. This was once private land that is now owned by the South West Florida Water management Division. It is now a designated nature preserve. Few people know about it and we have never seen anyone else out here. 

A nature photograpaher recently reported to the local BFRO a Bigfoot sighing. He said it ran across the trail and Kevin and I were able to find the location based on the Google Earth skin. This area is awesome and the sighting was only a few hundred feet from the cabin. I believe there was a reason they choose this area. It is loaded with wildlife. There are more game trails than Kevin and I have every seen, in all the times we have been in the Green Swamp. This is now one of our prime work areas. In fact, we are going to be deploying the covert Reconyx trail cams soon.

Cypress Creek runs nearby and the amount of water is amazing. It has a real current almost at a rapids pace. Animals must be moving in and out of this place leaving the trails behind. I know the Skunk Ape must be ambushing them as they go by. The guys in the cabin were not the only ones that were hunting out here.


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