Saturday, November 8, 2014

TimberGiantBigfoot Hoax wirh his kids

Jim's kids with bike helmets on not far from parking lot
This is coming from Jim, the timbergiantbigfoot guy, wants us to think that he is "DEEP" woods in his research. On one video he claimed he was '27' kilometers from town.' That is a pretty amazing feet. I think he is only a few hundred feet from his car on most of his videos. Check out this recent video shot with his kids.

One thing I know is kids; they will get bored quick. Note the body language of his kids on this video with their bike helmets on. It is clear that they are very close to the parking lot where they began their journey and his kids are wanting to leave. In fact, you can hear a garbage truck very close to them dumping out garbage. The kids smell this and cover their little noses.

covering up their nose from smell on garbage truck
Timbergiantbigfoot is not bothered by this. He claims it is a 'Bigfoot smell." He tells his kids to cover their noses. he says a Bigfoot must be near. He continues to walk with his kids in circles on an easy rated nature trail close to the parking lot while pretending to find Bigfoot evidence.

Does anyone of his followers not see this for what it is or are they too busy sending in money to Jim to further his 'research?"

He has 10,000 plus subscribers that worship him. Why? It can't be for the Bigfoot evidence that Timbergiantbigfoot has found. I think he has just found a bunch of dumb asses that sub to his channel.

Seriously, does this look like and feel like a video that was shoot DEEP FIELD, hundreds of miles from civilization to find a Bigfoot. You and I both know the circumstances in which this was shot. I just wish Jim timbergiantbigfoot would stop jerking our chains. It is not even a good happy ending anymore. This man is a fraud.

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