Kevin Thomas Kehl on Blogtalk Radio
The Bigfoot sighting area at Florvanic

The "Florvanic" Bigfoot area explored

The wildlife area we were in
This is the nature area from outside the tree line which we call "Florvanic." Todd Standing has his secret area, so do we. Once you get into it, its miles of varied forest, swamp, and palmetto. A giant swamp is in the middle of all this and the animals move around it mostly. This forms choke points and we were told there was a 'squatch trail in there of major size. Kevin had me take his photo by the large swamp and he is now using that as his cover image on FaceBook.
Kevin Thomas Kehl
A pretty cool image of Kevin Thomas Kehl

The video below shows you what we were up against going away from the swamp. We do find a trail but we were about to make a major discovery


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