Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Possible Bigfoot attack Canada

Hunter Frank Wildchild survives attack by large creature in the Canadian wilderness while filming hunting video near Nordegg Alberta, warning shots fired from rifle failed to scare it off, Frank was beaten on the head by this creature and dragged off to a remote shelter high on a ridge, he managed to survive and escaped into the night after creature left him for dead.

I just heard of this. It is, of course, mockumentary or a real attack. It does look "Blair Witched" to me. Fast edit cuts are a sure give away.  In the years I have been doing Bigfoot research, the "Timberization" has now begun. TiberGiantBigfoot set the bar so high with his ALWAYS finding evidence, the rest of the researchers feel a need to cheat. They believe he cheats and is loved, why not us.

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