Kevin and I back in field
Kevin Thomas Kehl on Blogtalk Radio

Exploring a BFRO investigation area

Kevin ready for action

A local nature photographer reported to the BFRO that he had a sighting of a Bigfoot in the Tampa Florida area. They sent a field investigator out to check it out. The area was so compelling, the investigation team spent the night out in the area. They reported some activity and found a squatch trail. Their conclusion was it was an authentic sighting.

Kevin did a report from the area last week with another researcher. Today, Kevin and I went in from a different angle, and found what we believe to be a Bigfoot ambush trail. I knew I was going to like the area right off the bat when we started finding multiple animal trails. The deer paths we found were tight and well used. I animals are coming thru, you can bet the Bigfoot has taken notice and will be lying in wait to ambush prey. 

We looked hard for kill evidence and found none. We also pushed into a great swamp area that stretches for miles. Not to waste the opportunity, I got an awesome photo for my blog Tim and like it.

We photographed and took many 20 minute videos to show what was going on. Later in the day, we did find the squatch trail that formed the choke point connecting the two areas. There is the sighting area and there is the ambush area. This place is massive and given all day, we could really get into it. This place is now our favorite work area for now. We were very pleased with the amount of nature that is in this area. I even got video of a cardinal dancing in the brush. 

Unnamed (4)
Tim Fasano in the swamp

The animal trails were so impressive that kevin and I made a comparison to the Green Swamp. We had heard that twenty years ago, there were herds of deer in the west track. I don't think we have ever seen any. We do find their footprints, and I do see wild turkey, but no deer. An abundance of food is to found in this area. There is no doubt in my mind that there is something in here.

Unnamed (3)
One of many deer paths we found

Kevin took his time in recording the area. We documented everything and there should be a YouTube video

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Kevin getting his gear ready


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