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BREAKING NEWS: Bigfoot seen near Myakka River State Park

The local BFRO has investigated a credible sighting near the Myakka River State Park (Report # 47021  (Class A) Submitted by witness on Monday, November 10, 2014). This map shows the location of the late night encounter. This eyewitness report is from the BFRO website:


"Just after crossing over Horse Creek she caught moment to the right (south) of the road. She started to slow down because she caught a glimpse of a deer. As the car got closer she no longer saw the deer, but a bigfoot. The bigfoot was not “deer colored” which was what she initially noticed when she first slowed down, but black, bipedal and much larger. She is not sure where the deer ran to, but the bigfoot took her attention and proceeded to cross the road in front of her. The bigfoot turned and looked at her as it ran less than 15 feet in front of her car and crossed in a 2 step-like “leap”, moving right to left. It seemed to duck into the scrub once it was across. If she had not stepped hard on the brakes, she felt she would have hit it. She said that the bigfoot seemed to run in front of her purposely, as if it were playing “chicken.” She did not see the deer again, stating that it was a completely different color, shape and size than the bigfoot and she had no doubt that she saw that too.

She described the bigfoot as having black shaggy hair. She emphasized, “shaggy, not fluffy. It was like a dog.” She told me it was “huge!” And a comment she made several times was, “I can’t figure out how they stay hidden when they are so huge!”

I asked her how tall she thought it was and she admitted not being good at guessing but her father is 6’5” and it was much taller than him. She described the shoulders as being, “as wide as my mama’s dodge!” She described the face as very human looking with tan colored, leathery looking skin, a flat wide nose and dark eyes. 

She drove 20 yards or so past it and pulled off the road. She got out of her car, she heard nothing but smelled a musky odor. She called several of her children to tell them what she had just witnessed.

Several days later I met her at her home, met her children. Her son commented how she had called them that night telling him what she had seen. I questioned her on getting out of the car. I have never spoken to a witness that had showed such courage. She said she didn't think about it and didn't feel fear immediately; she was just so shocked to have seen something that "wasn't real," she just didn't consider danger until a few moments later when she looked down and noticed a stick that could have been a snake. She admitted to being frightened of snakes and that is what made her realize she should leave. She admitted that after thinking about it, apprehensiveness set in and she had not driven that road since. She was a bit nervous to return with me."

A roadway view of the sighting area


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