Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Bigfoot Bullshit on FaceBook

Do you see the Sasquatches?
How many Sasquatch can you spot? Have you seen these types of photos all over FaceBook? (you see it a lot in the groups)  If you question these people they call you nuts or unenlightened. Some have even been thrown off of a group for rasising a question. They claim Bigfoot is from a spiritual dimension and what they have really done is caught him while he is cloaking.  Let's bring back the good old days when an occasional "blobsquatch" was spotted by a researcher. You know, the type that would put in hours every day at a personal sacrifice. Now, people just pull off the side of the road..take a cell phone image...draw yellow circles...and say its Bigfoot. The YouTube video below calls these nut jobs out.

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