Saturday, November 15, 2014

Back in the woods

Its mid November and time to get back to the woods for regular posting. Our Bigfoot season runs November - April. The rest of the year is just to rainy and buggy to bother. I am happy that it has arrived.

With Kevin working the UFO Star Works convention in Nevada with George Noory, I wasted no time in getting active. This is an area Kevin and I have worked extensively in the lower Hillsborough preserve. I have actually recorded howls at this time of year, at night in here.

You can see it was a beautiful day. Conditions are now cool and dry. Even with that, the record rain over summer meant the bugs were still bad and many things were overgrown.

This is part of a "squatch" trail that I found. Some wide has been moving through here. I did have fun today and look forward to working with Kevin if he can find the time.
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