Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Joe Show

At the Bigfoot convention in Orlando, I got to meet a really cool dude from Boston named Joe Mastroianni. He host what is called "The Joe Show" and it is mostly about Bigfoot. He is a DJ who I believe once worked with Howard Stern. His shows are slick, upbeat, and mostly funny and entertaining. I hope to be a quest soon.

What Joe does is call out the Bull Shit in the Bigfoot world. And believe me, there is a lot of Bull Shit going around. Joe nails it with humor and some rough language. It is adults only.

This is Joe at the Hard Rock Casino in Tampa the day after the convention. If I had known he was there, I would have caught up with him. I only live ten minutes from the place. Way to go Joe!! Keep giving them hell.

Here is an example:
The Joe Show

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