Monday, October 27, 2014

Rick Dyer has found a Bigfoot in Pennsylvania

Rick Dyer and his team have the body of a Bigfoot. It was found in Pennsylvania under circumstances I will learn about today. I will be speaking with Rick on the phone to learn details. These photos show a lot of ice and surgery mask.

It must have smelled.

The cleaned out the machine at Wall Mart.

Another look at the tarp with Bigfoot in it.

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  1. And why would any FOOL believe this, or even write about it????

  2. What is this bullshit. You obviously have no journalistic integrity when you're willing to post anything about this jackass supposedly finding a Bigfoot.

  3. Rick Dyer has publicly announced that he can pull off another hoax, and that he was going to prove that he could. Well, here he goes, another hoax to steal money from innocent believers.

  4. Tim, you make it sound like Rick actually has a real Bigfoot. You know it's another hoax, right?

  5. He can only pull this shit off again and again because people in the US, particularly the Bigfoot community allow him to do so. It seems NO ONE has the balls to do something about him so he will continue to do so for as long as he wishes. Everyone who talks tough and does nothing about him, is just as full of shit as he is. He is nothing more than a coward little girl. After his last hoax was busted wide open and all that info was made public, if anyone pays him any attention or throws any money into this, is dumber than dumb-ass and deserves what they get. After what he pulled, its a wonder no one has shot him and put him in a blue tarp. That, I would pay to see and so would everyone.

  6. Where are all of the pictures? Why isn't there many up close and detailed pictures of this creature? HOAX!!!


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